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Updated on October 1, 2023

Why should I have regular maintenance done on my HVAC system?


Most manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep the factory warranty valid.  The required maintenance, and how often it needs to be done, is listed in the equipment owner’s manual.

Regular maintenance maintains peak comfort and cleanliness:

Furnaces with plugged up air filters and air conditioners plugged up with grass clippings and leaves take longer to meet your temperature needs and can be damaged when operating in those conditions.  Regular maintenance also reduces the likelihood that your indoor air quality will decrease.  If the air filter is plugged up but air is still coming out the vents, it’s probably going around the filter instead of through it.  Circulating air pollutants throughout the home instead of removing them. 

Stop wasting energy:

Your HVAC system accounts for up to 40% of your home’s energy cost. A regularly maintained HVAC system operates more efficiently than one that has not been maintained.

Extending System Lifespan:

Without regular maintenance, your system may not last 15 or more years without major issues and costly repairs.

Prevent Breakdowns:

Most breakdowns may be traced back to a lack of regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance on an HVAC system is no different than changing the oil or rotating the tires on your car.  It needs to be done regularly.  We offer prepaid preventative maintenance plans to take the hassle out of remembering to schedule it.  With our plans, we call you to set up visits.